Interesting Games

Abigail Pritchard Simultaneous

Abigail Pritchard, one of the North West's finest junior players, took on eight players from the Lancashire Under 11 squad in a simultaneous display at Crusaders Chess Club on 15th October 2006. Here are some of the games.

Dave Gaston at Chorley 2006

Dave Gaston was among the prize winners in the Major section at the Chorley Congress held over the weekend of 26th to 28th August 2006. Dave has annotated all of his games for us.

Nigel Davies Simultaneous

GM Nigel Davies played a 25-board simultaneous display at Crusaders Chess Club on Sunday 11th June 2006. Here you can play through many of the games.

Jeff Horner Simultaneous

Jeff Horner visited Crusaders Chess Club to give a simultaneous display on 15th September 2005. Here are a few of the games, annotated by Dave Gaston.